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到目前為止,該網站最受讚賞的方面是它自己的搜索引擎,位於網站主頁中,非常方便,您可以藉助它在DIY系統中創建理想的假期,該應用程序可以充當真正的旅行社。在這裡,您可以輸入最重要的數據,例如您要出發的位置和目的地,可以在其中選擇往返/回程或多城市機票,以及各種航班類別,例如經濟艙或商務艙。另外,您可以在這裡預訂酒店,辦理航班和住宿手續,還可以購買汽車租賃服務。 Airmalta還具有一個移動應用程序,該應用程序可以存儲最重要的數據以及機票和其他類型的預訂,因此您可以隨時隨地訪問它們。


Airmalta嚴格在在線系統中進行預訂和購票,而沒有提供預訂的實際版本,這就是為什麼您避免支付運輸費用或等待時間長的原因。相反,您可以通過客戶帳戶獲得所有必需的文檔。只能通過聯繫客戶服務來更改,取消或退回機票,客戶服務將分析您的請求。還可以在線進行付款,該應用程序可通過借記卡或信用卡Visa,MasterCard,Maestro,American Express或PayPal帳戶來保證付款過程中的安全性。




How can I cancel a plane ticket ordered on

Cancellation of a trip can be made up to one day before the flight date, by contacting the customer service at the call center service.

How can I return a plane ticket from

The services purchased from the Air Malta site work only on the basis of reservations and digital tickets, which is why you should not waste time returning physical tickets or other items that make up your order.

How can I pay through the booking portal?

With emphasis on efficiency and speed, as in the reservation process, the accepted payment methods are only the online ones, which can be made at the time of purchase. You can use any debit or credit card issued by Visa, MasterCard, Maestro or American Express, as well as a PayPal account or card.

What is the biggest discount offered by an coupon or a promotional offer?

Air Malta offers several types of gift vouchers, available especially during the winter holidays, with values ​​starting from 50 euros and even up to 200 euros. Other discounts, which can be as much as 30% for flights or complete travel packages can be achieved through loyalty and flight miles accumulation programs.

How can I save money when I buy from

The main objectives that lead you to low prices are especially the promotional offers organized weekly within the site, available for a selected number of travel locations worldwide. Also, the company accepts the use of promotional codes, both from the site and from external sources.

What can I buy from

Air Malta is the main flight operator in this country, which offers besides domestic and international flights in more than 35 locations from 20 countries on all continents and accommodation services, transportation to and from the airport, as well as airport services. car rental.

What are the contact details of

The most used and efficient contact methods remain the Telephone one, at +356 21 662 211 and by e-mail However, the company responds promptly to questions and concerns on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. You can easily recognize these accounts by the blue Verified badge.

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